We Solve the Product Search Problem

E-commerce sites with thousands of product and category pages as well as informational sites with static content face challenges that result in under-performing, ineffective organic search results.

In the case of e-commerce websites, the frequent churn, duplication, and rapid-fire addition of new products make it impossible for SEO teams to keep up. While the home and category pages may be optimized on a frequent basis, individual product pages under-perform because they lack elements required for success in organic search.

In the case of informational websites, like legal, medical, and other vertical websites, forgotten or stale content, Altruik can quickly update the content based on the latest organic algorithm changes in our custom code section.

Altruik SEO Software Eliminates the Burdens of Manual SEO Work

Altruik is focused on making SEO easy and scalable for e-commerce companies, online retailers, and service providers. By automating SEO on-page best practices and enhancing visibility of website pages, our software boosts search engine page visibility, click-through rates and revenue.

Altruik automatically implements, monitors, and fine-tunes on-page attributes for thousands of pages using 100% search engine compliant methods and best practices. Our software easily integrates with any content management system. We eliminate the expense of fixing problems manually or diverting technology resources to make changes one-by-one, while generating incremental revenue for your products from search engines.

Every day our clients enjoy increased revenue and traffic, new customers and visits, and reduced marketing costs. And most importantly, our customers put their product and brand first in the minds of customers.