SearchDex™ has a long history of successful SEO and custom development engagements. We are in constant pursuit of results for our clients. The unrivaled improvements in online visibility and revenue are achieved for our clients through superior strategy and dedicated project management.

Take a look at a few of our cases studies.

  • Designer Brand Hyper-Categorization (Read More)
  • Custom development to support web initiatives (Read More)
  • Expanded site hierarchy and landing pages to generate new traffic and demand for our client (Read More)
  • Implemented new category hierarchy to deliver better consumer experience, search engine relevancy and improved performance (Read More)
  • Created the capability to capitalize on the insights gained through our client’s customer behavior data (Read More)
  • Improved visitor experience by optimizing both within and outside of the client’s original site hierarchy (Read More)
  • Created established URL environments for clients facilitating search engine rank growth and consistent consumer revenues for seasonal and low inventory products (Read More)

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