Altruik eCommerce Overview

eCommerce SEO Platform Overview

The automation built into Altruik’s Product Priority™ technology platform removes inefficiencies associated with managing product catalogs of any size. We scale to work with sites that sell a handful of products to those with hundreds of categories and millions of individual product SKUs.

Our easy-to-deploy technology quickly identifies performance roadblocks and automatically implements the necessary changes to your site. The platform blends seamlessly with the work of your internal technology team and integrates with any content management system, allowing for quick deployment and rapid results. You can ask our clients.

By increasing page visibility, Product Priority’s patent-pending technology generates more site traffic and higher click-through rates. Most importantly, we increase revenue from organic search. To learn more, check out our success stories.

To learn more about deploying Product Priority™, fill out our contact page to receive our deployment guide. For a more complete feature list, please see Features.