Altruik Product Features

On-page modifications for SEO best practices

Altruik automatically modifies titles, descriptions, and on-page elements to make them search engine friendly and relevant to your customers.

Stale and missing content correction

Products constantly move in and out of inventory. When they are out of season or no longer available for purchase, Product Priority™ improves user experience by transferring visitors (and link equity) to a relevant page elsewhere on your site.

Duplicate content correction

Many web and CMS platforms generate what appear to be duplicate content pages to search engine crawlers. We automatically remove technical issues that can cause duplicate content, then identify and submit an authoritative page for search engines to focus on.

Elimination of crawler traps

Search engine spiders will leave a site if they get caught crawling an infinite loop of requests, causing incomplete indexation. Altruik eliminates these unintentional traps to make sure the crawlers index the most important pages of your site.

XML site map generation

Altruik automatically generates site maps to ensure the latest version of your site is fully crawled and indexed, including new content.

Rich snippets implementation

Altruik implements rich snippets at scale across your site, giving you more control and expanded options for how your site is viewed in search engine results.

Page speed improvements

Our technology increases the speed of your site, improving the experience for users as well as search engine crawlers.

Individual and batch testing of on-page elements

We offer automated testing of keyword-rich titles, descriptions, image alt tags, and more to create compelling listings in search engine results. Altruik tests and monitors performance of these variables to increase revenue.


Altruik’s reports focus on tracking revenue. Increased click-through rates, traffic and sales are directly attributable to the implementation of changes by our technology platform, enabling Altruik to deliver the most important ROI – increased revenue.

Additional Features

We provide other select features that leverage our technology platform depending on size and desired goals of our clients.