The company we keep speaks volumes.

We pride ourselves in our unprecedented, longstanding client relationships with some of the internet retailers’ top 100 clients.

A Giant Sporting Goods Store Gets Granular with Organic Search

One of our clients came to us with 85,000+ products across 380,000+ indexed web pages.

Their organic search program had started to grow at an accelerated pace – but they needed more functionality than their existing platform allowed. They wanted to create and manage new pages, optimize existing subcategory pages at a more detailed level and like most eCommerce companies of their size, needed to make changes more quickly and freely than their existing content management system allowed.

SearchDex implemented a content management system and proxy program (Verdandi), creating an overall growth of 20%. We returned a 38X ROI and contributed significant additional revenue in the first year of implementation. After implementing more SearchDex services, their search program continues to sustain a 35% YoY growth at a return of more than 60x ROI.

SearchDex™ CMS Proxy Program
SearchDex™ Hypercategorization
SearchDex™ Custom Landing Pages (CLP)
1,735 targeted Custom Landing Pages created
20% growth in organic search
38x ROI during first 12 months of program

Trendy clothing brand relies less on luck, more on customer data to create lasting connections

Our apparel clients know fashion trends. We help them get to know the trends within their customer’s search behaviors. First, we built Custom Landing Pages (CLPs) to help the team target keywords that weren’t currently in their site hierarchy. Their target audience used ever-evolving slang terms like tanks, off-the-shoulder tops and even jeggings. This effort helped them drive targeted traffic toward their site, and put their brand in front of the trendiest shoppers.

We also found out that some items never went out of style, just out of season. So we used CLPs to keep the company’s coat and swimsuit URLs live year round for a continuous brand presence.

The client team intends to leverage their most successful CLPs even further, incorporating them across multiple channels including email and paid search campaigns. In one year, the brand saw visitors increase 43% with 44% more sessions. Our CLPs were continuously optimized to influence purchase decision and increase conversion, leading to a 182% increase in purchases and an 85% uptick in sales.

SearchDex™ Custom Landing Pages implementation (CLP)
SearchDex™ Return on Investments (ROI)
SearchDex™ Consulting
43% increase in targeted visitors
Increase session time by 44%
182% increase in purchases
19X True ROI