The company we keep speaks volumes

Why many of the top 1,000 internet retailers have built unprecedented, long-standing relationships with SearchDex

Explore our eCommerce SEO case studies to find out how we’re helping our clients improve their search results, increase their organic traffic, and manage their product churn with automated and optimized product pages that put them in front of their target audiences.

  • We worked with a leading online apparel retailer to discover the actual search terms their target audience was using to find their products and created hundreds of pages to rank for these terms. This project resulted in millions of dollars of additional revenue and accounted for nearly 10% of organic search traffic.
  • We gave a leading sporting goods retailer the agility to quickly create and optimize thousands of hypercat pages. Using faceted navigation, we created and optimized new product listing pages, resulting in a 38X ROI during the first year of the program.