Custom Landing Page Case Study

Leading US clothing retailer retains rankings and drives non-branded organic traffic with SearchDex custom landing pages.

Business Issues

  • Loss of traffic due to churn. When the Client’s merchandising team shifts their focus throughout the seasons, they often delete high-value pages even when products still exist to support those pages. This leads to the Client’s site falling out of search results for user queries that they have relevant products for.
  • Under-performing for non-branded terms. The Client wanted to drive more organic traffic to the site from non-branded search terms to widen their customer base. While the Client had a diverse range of products that would meet the needs of a wide variety of search terms, their existing pages let many user queries go unfulfilled.

Chart of Custom Landing Page Created Growth

SearchDex Solution

SearchDex implemented Custom Landing Pages (CLPs) utilizing the Client’s products to maintain rankings for terms that were targeted by pages deleted by the merchandising team. CLPs were also created to target search terms that were supported by the Client’s selection of products but not targeted by any existing pages.


By creating CLPs to replace pages deleted by the Client’s merchandising team, SearchDex was able to drive over 3 million organic clicks to CLPs over a one-year period. This accounted for nearly 10% of all organic traffic to the Client’s site, driving $5.8 million dollars in revenue that might have otherwise been lost.

Over 300 CLPs were created to support user queries that the site was not currently targeting using products that the Client already offered. In the 90 days following the launch of the new pages, CLPs drove over 892 thousand organic clicks and $1.75 million in revenue to the Client’s site. Overall, CLP organic traffic increased 41% over the same period the previous year while the site’s overall organic traffic increased less than 2%. The CLPs drove over 12% of the total organic visits and over 8% of the total organic revenue to the site for the 90 day period following the project launch, based on Omniture data.

During this time period, Google Search Console reported SearchDex pages receiving over 80% of all non-branded search traffic to the site with CLPs making up 33% of that traffic, an 8.5-point increase over the previous year.