Google Panda Updates, SEO, and Ted Talks at SearchDex

rtowe July 26, 2013

Are you captivating your audience or holding them captive?

I was stuck in motionless traffic on the Dallas North Tollway earlier this week; this is not a shock to any resident of Dallas, surrounding suburbs, and cities.  Strangely enough, I pay to sit in traffic.  Daily, during my 45 minute (on a good day) to an hour and 30 minute commute (on a normal day), I set my smartphone to the downloaded Ted app and listen to Ted Talks.

Technology, entertainment, and design topics presented by some of the world’s most innovative and inspirational orators.  On this particular day, I stumbled upon Simon Sinek’s How Great Leaders Inspire Action; and if you haven’t heard this 18 minute speech, you are missing the biology behind your potential clients’ and customers’ decision-making.

Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk

Simon eloquently articulates that the Neo-cortex of the brain controls thought, language, analytical and rational thinking; it processes the understanding of “what” the company provides, the products offered, and their corresponding technical specifications, to name a few.  The Limbic center of the brain is where trust, loyalty, decision-making, and human behavior develops.  It is where the “gut feeling” and the “it just doesn’t feel right” decisions are made.

Google Panda Algorithm Changes

Yesterday, Search Engine Land as well as SEO Round Table confirmed the next roll-out of Google’s Panda Algorithm changes.  As most know, Panda, was named after Navneet Panda, one of Google’s lead software engineer.  He and his team are tasked with improving search quality through the Panda algorithm updates; determining if a website’s content is high-quality, relevant, fresh, and compelling.

So how do Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk and Google’s Panda algorithm changes relate to one another?  The high-level of Simon’s message is to reverse the order of your product, marketing, creative, and website message using his simple “Golden Circle.”  Answering the question, “why” before “how” and “what.”  As he says in his Ted Talk, “People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”

Captivate Your Audience

The next update from Google is the perfect reason to challenge your content writers, marketing team, and other creative silos within your organization to re-think the message.  Instead of holding your audience hostage with the same consumer-facing statements of what your product is, what your service is, and how it works; reverse the order, and captivate your audience with the compelling “why we believe our product will change your life” and “why we are driven by our purpose…” content.

High-quality, inspirational content:

  • Answers the question “why.”
  • Is share-worthy for the Internet.
  • Encourages people to follow your purpose and cause.
  • Inspires people to become loyal to your brand.

By including high-quality content, your organization can tap into a newly-found market penetration potential that also satisfies the content measurements during future Panda updates.


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