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SearchDex™ Launches Multi-Language Support within Proprietary Platform

SearchDex August 12, 2011

SearchDex™ is pleased to announce that we have released the latest update to our already robust, fully-integrated SEO platform.. This new release includes support for managing sites in multiple languages across multiple domains, allowing eTailers to expand into new markets with little support needed from their IT department.

This latest enhancement not only enables online retailers to market their products around the world, it also allows eTailers to optimize content with top performing keywords by region and/or language. The Multi-Language Support can be leveraged for multiple languages on one or more domains; this makes it possible to target regions that have more than one official language. This customized SEO presence will allow eTailers to reach the largest possible audience while keeping their website content consistent and their ROI unbeatable. This new innovation integrates seamlessly with any e-commerce platform.

SearchDex developed the proprietary Multi-Language Support offering in direct response to requests from our clients. Please contact us to learn how SearchDex can integrate Multi-Language Support for your own business.


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