Custom Landing Pages

Quickly and easily build custom, SEO-focused eCommerce landing pages…and start ranking for the actual keywords your users are searching for. 

Unparalleled Flexibility

With our customizable, templated landing page creator, your team, or your dedicated SearchDex SEO professional, can create and merchandise a custom page for relevant search terms―on the fly!

Spend less time waiting for development teams to get to your project and more time being agile, responsive, and results-driven.

Full-Page Customization

Control every aspect of the page – URL, merchandise, on-page content – to pinpoint target your audience and keep your merchandising team happy. 

You choose whether to add your new pages into your native hierarchy or not. And to speed things along, our Custom Landing Pages leverage smart technology that suggests new page content as you create.

Behind-the-Scenes Human Help

Serve up the products your users are searching for, even when your merchandising team is churning products and pages. Your dedicated SEO Professional is constantly on the lookout for opportunities your current pages might be missing and creating pages to help you fulfill those opportunities. We make sure your customers can find you, however they are searching.

Increase SEO Revenue and Conversions

Overcome the challenge of consistently ranking for the hundreds or thousands of pages of constantly changing merchandise your users are searching for.

Once your pages are live, we test and measure the ongoing performance of your new content, so you can stay agile and keep getting results. 

SearchDex clients see millions in revenue through Custom Landing Pages created to manage category churn, seasonal promotions, and underperforming terms.
See our case studies to learn how our flexible Custom Landing Pages have helped top online retailers supplement and reach their organic goals