Automated Page Creation

Does your eCommerce site allow users to filter on product attributes like brand, color, or size? If so, each product listing page (PLP) contains dozens, hundreds, or possibly thousands of alternate versions, with each filter or combination of filters creating what is essentially a different page with its own selection of products. Some of those filtered product listings match the specific queries that potential customers are searching for every day, but are you capturing that traffic?

Traditionally, site operators have had two options:

  1. Allow search engines to crawl filtered versions of your pages.
    • You now have 100X more pages and most of them are worthless. Goodbye, crawl budget!
    • None of these new pages are optimized to function as landing pages.
    • You have introduced thousands of duplicative pages that are now competing with one another.
  2. Block search engines from crawling filtered versions of your pages.
    • You have pages on your site that contain the exact selection of products that people are searching for every day, but they are invisible to search engines and searchers.

SearchDex gives you a better solution. Create indexable versions of the pages people are searching for that are optimized to function as stand-alone landing pages.


    • Capture traffic that you are currently missing.
    • Improve the user experience by providing better answers to users’ specific searches.
    • Preserve your crawl budget.
    • Avoid duplicating existing pages.
    • Gain the ability to customize page attributes like title and meta description or even add custom page content.

Leverage the power of the SearchDex platform to automate page creation and start generating optimized landing pages at scale using a data-driven process that keeps you in control. Start targeting long-tail queries that you are missing and fill in the gaps that manual merchandising leaves behind. Carve out a competitive advantage with automated page creation from SearchDex.