Create E-commerce SEO That Delivers

Our proprietary technology addresses a fundamental challenge in today's e-commerce environments — the gap between buyer and seller

Search engine optimization is nearly impossible to manage at scale. Products constantly change and search engines can't easily find the right content. SearchDex's proprietary technology guides buyer behavior, by helping the buyer find the right choices at the right time.

How it works


  • Unified solution delivers core SEO for e-commerce sites
  • Cloud-based technology minimizes corporate IT needs
  • Rapid development increases accuracy and speed of product searches
  • Simple integration links the SearchDex technology to any e-commerce system
  • Rich data capture drives better site and analytics


  • Creates a better consumer search experience than the native commercial e-commerce platforms
  • Minimizes consumer searches within the website, improves experience by closing gap to transition
  • Enables marketers and non-technical users to address changing SEO requirements without internal IT support
  • Allows marketers to drive results by enabling broader digital capabilities (Omnichannel)
  • Better decision making driven by powerful data analytics
  • Drives incremental ROI