The enterprise SEO technology that closes the gap between buyer and seller at the speed of “found!”

Turn “search” to “found” with our proprietary platform that solves eCommerce SEO challenges by delivering effective search experiences in the face of constant product shift. SearchDex technology guides buyer behavior and helps you sell more!


eCommerce was built on and for the internet, so why slow your operations down with hosted products?

The Cloud enables our technology to deliver the speed, scalability and location-based deployment you needㅡno matter where you do business.

Platform agnostic

Enterprise SEO is too fast-paced for workarounds, manual processes or unplanned downtime. Your tools must work together so you can run your business, not fall behind.

With SearchDex, accelerating your SEO momentum doesn’t have to mean replacing your entire structure. Our SEO technology can be custom integrated with every eCommerce platform.


Staying nimble requires accurate tracking. With our API-first mindset, we pull in reliable, timely metrics from multiple sources, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEM Rush, and client feed data.

Best of all, we know what to do with your data to enable agile response time for your team.

Custom Rules

Out-of-the-box solutions can leave you overwhelmed and unsure. We provide clear direction and help you rapidly execute solutions for your unique organization and challenges.

In addition to built-in rules that target search results to the right audience, we support custom rules to solve site-specific issues and stay up to speed on SEO best practices and constantly evolving search algorithms so you can, too. Just imagine:

  • Custom logic that identifies sales/marketing pages and automatically no-indexes them if they would duplicate another page
  • Auto-merchandising a custom landing page and contextually linking related category and product landing pages

We’ve done these...and more!

Imagine what we can do for you